Trends 2017 Forecast by Party Mood

At Party Mood, we’ve been celebrating the shift in styling and welcoming new textures, bold colours and concepts. With mild changes in years past the novelty of new, is truly inspiring!

Pantone Colour 2017

*All photos provided by Pinterest

The Official colour release from Pantone for 2017 is “greenery”.
A fresh yellowy green shade, that evokes Spring and renewal. Visualize a youthful, vibrant and energetic tone, bringing bursts of crisp colour.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

We’re seeing hand tied and unstructured bouquets, with wild sprigs and whimsical shapes. Vibrant floral collections of cherry pink, and dynamic colour combos are framed in cascading foliage.

Unique bouquet display is on the rise with bridesmaids carrying their flowers within lanterns and terrariums, or even on the wrist. Ornately created corsages with wispy ribbon detailing, provide both practicality and beauty for the big day.

While overflowing table displays,  and hanging florals are still dominant in popularity, the arrival of floral art pieces is quickly on the rise. These floral art pieces are intricate displays of single layer flowers have provided a uniqueness and effect without the sheer quantity or cost of other applications. Consider using marble or natural stone slabs as your canvas.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

Marble has emerged as the new, refined replacement of the popular watercolour trend. With the addition of many intricate designs through laser cut, the still reigning geometric influence is seen, although through reinvented display. A rise in etched wood, leather, glass, and stone invitations set the event apart at introduction. In addition to the luxe organic materials, distressed foil makes an excellent contrast of refinement.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

Art inspired cakes, heavily decorated with geometrics, rock candy “caves” and toppers are bringing this tradition back to the forefront. The luxe look of the decorative drip icing, in a high contrast colour, lends an indulgent glam to even a simple cake. A slight diversion from the “naked” cake in recent years brings us the lightly iced translucent cake – often garnished with fruit and floral accent.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

Colour makes a big huge impact with high pigment hues; 80’s pinks, canary yellow, plum, greens and blues. Opalescent colours help marry the mixed metals still popular with rose gold, copper, and machine silver. There is a rise in lilac and plum schemes, with warm yellow and orange no longer reserved for Autumn weddings.


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Tropical themes are bringing waxy banana leaf green and a fun mix of hot pink, tangy tangerine, bright coral, sunshine yellow and flirty fuchsia to the party. Flamingos still on trend are popping up in surprising treatments, with pineapples right behind providing a fresh youthful feel.

Another theme complementing the geometric movement, adds a playful zodiac and galaxy inspired addition of mixed metals, marble, opalescent finishes, and star signs.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

Décor blends many of the ideas mentioned above as we see geometric shapes mirrored in art deco motifs and patterned fabrics. Geo inspired wall hangings, free standing backdrops, are often adorned with greenery and floral collections. Fur is a frequent accent to the upcycled antler – modernized with a white chalk wash and a gold tip. Jewel toned velvet bridges the age-old romance with modern marble and metal tucked between the multi colour vintage goblets. These luxe settings are often offset by their modern industrial locations, with exposed and original brick being a sought-after backdrop. Terrariums are often open air displayed with new bold colours applied, and in multi shape and size collections. And the humble balloon is no longer reserved for Birthdays, providing wow factor results in creative new cascading, monochromatic and multi sized displays.


While halos hold on to the top trend with women’s engagement rings, designers are creating unique and twisted versions for a recent look. For some, a full diversion from the diamond solitaire brings a resurgence of coloured gemstones; emeralds, rubies, and opals at the centre. A unique cluster style brings the best of both worlds to the fourth finger.

As for the guys, diamonds are a man’s best friend, as we see less and less without their own ring bling. Black diamonds are gaining popularity with mixed metals and two tone frames keeping things balanced.

Wedding Dresses

Embellishments everywhere! 3D florals, capes, cut-outs, colour and even the bow is back. Not just on the rear (think Cinderella’s step sisters) but on the hip, front, back and halter – which too is making a comeback. Plunging backs are replaced by the deep V front, with illusion detailing between. A new option for the reception dress is an added waist train, removable for late night dancing and festivities.


Bridal hair, like the bouquet, is losing its tight knit structure. Falling freely from crown braids with loose curls framing the face. The most noticeable trend is heavy ornamentation with handmade and sentimental hair accessories, often including family heirloom jewelry, pearls, and vintage lace.

Bridesmaid’s Attire

The crop top, and separates, offer an excellent option to coordinate while still staying uniform. Tulle and pleated full length skirts with lace tops, in Pantone’s Pale Dogwood or Niagara are airy and romantic in every setting.

Groom’s Attire

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It’s not just the ladies adding colour to their wedding wear, as we see the influx of icy blue and blush gowns, but the boys are getting on board with hued suits. With navy taking lead, it seems we’ve gone away from the grey. In addition, the velvet mentioned in other trends carries through here in such subtle hits as a bow-tie, to a dinner jacket for full effect. While we may not see many this year, the coat and tails are on the rise to a full return.


Small ceremonies have grown in appeal, hosting a handful of the nearest and dearest for the “I do’s”, with a larger reception to follow. Keeps the solemnity of the service, and the cost down for the budget savvy bride.


*All pictures provided by Pinterest

Reinvented dude food and impostors couple entertainment and menu. Think sushi-burrito, and gourmet veggie burgers to please the hungry crowds. Popcorn bars are replacing the steadfast candy station as an economical option. The late-night snack is going nowhere, and updated with hanging presentations of bagel bars and donut stacks.


Craft beer is here to stay, along with it’s cool new cousin – the craft cocktail. A new added art to these creations is including inspired virgin options for the growing sober crowd. No more Shirley temples for the dry.