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Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding: How To!

With summer here, we’re in the full swing of our wedding season in Victoria, B.C., and we’ve been very busy helping couples plan and execute their dream weddings.

Wedding planning is always fun, but every now and then we get an ‘extra’ fun request. And so I have to share some shots from an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding we planned and decorated this past weekend.

Congratulations again to Adam and Lucia, a beautiful couple who just celebrated a beautiful wedding at Hatley Castle (one of my favourite venues here in the Victoria area). Here are some of the items we used to decorate, all available in our rental store. If you’re interested in your own Alice in Wonderland themed event, keep reading for some great ideas!

cake stands used for an alice in wonderland themed wedding in victoria bc

1. “Darling” Cake Stands

Nothing says ‘Eat Me’ like an assortment of sweets on our ‘Darling’ cake stands. This set of 3 stands in different heights all have an antique gold finish, mirrored glass tops, and pretty, clear beads as accents.

See Our Darling Cake Stands →

2. One-of-a-Kind Vintage Table Numbers

An Alice in Wonderland themed wedding calls for some whimsy, which we brought into the decor with our One-of-a-Kind Vintage Table Numbers. These are crafted from real, reclaimed wood, antique metal face plates and a mixture of new and antique crystal knobs. Each table number is unique in its characteristics but common in design. They make lovely choices for any vintage-themed event.

table numbers used in themed wedding

See Our Vintage Table Numbers →

vintage table numbers

3. Vintage China

To fully capture a Victorian feel for our Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, we used a wide assortment of pretty and brightly coloured vintage China teapots, teacups, and dessert plates.  China can be an easy way to add colour to your table settings, and we offer a wide variety to choose from in our rental store.

See Our Complete Vintage China Collection →

4. Colourful Patio Furniture

We just loved how beautifully our Metal Tables and Chairs rentals look on the Hatley Castle lawns. These coral, turquoise and white pieces were fun and functional for cocktail hour.

See Our Metal Tables and Chairs →

tables and chairs for rent in victoria bc

candle holders

5. “Steady Eddy” Lanterns

For light and ambiance, we opted for these “Steady Eddy” black lanterns with flameless candles. While these have handles that allow them to be hung, we chose to place them on the ground throughout the gardens.

See Our “Steady Eddy” Lanterns →

6. Furniture

We have a wide variety of larger pieces in our rental store, so we were able to bring in lots of great options for our themed wedding design. Combined with the beautiful backdrop of the Hatley Castle, the result was a beautiful space for this Victoria wedding.

Weddings in Victoria can get hot and sunny, so in this picture, you can also see one of our favourite touches – a bright assortment of sun umbrellas for guests to use. In our experience as wedding planners, it’s small touches like this that can really make a difference.

Congratulations once again to Adam and Lucia!

If you are considering a themed wedding or event of your own we have lots of options for you! Whether you’re decorating your own event or you need help with planning, styling, and decor — we can help.

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