Tops Malibu Wish Papers


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These tubes come in an assortment of colours. You will receive a random colour from this selection. Comes in assorted colours on the outer tube; all wish papers are magenta. 

Watch your wish take flight! Great for after dinner dessert wishes, birthday parties, weddings, gatherings with friends & family, and more. Beautiful for table top decor and party favors.

Make a wish. Light the special paper on a plate. Magically, the paper will rise high to the ceiling or the sky & as it floats back down …catch it! Your wish has been released. Good fortune!

Sold individually – tube of 10 Wish Papers.

History: An ancient Chinese tradition that traveled to Europe, where we discovered it in an Italian bakery in the 1960s while buying cookies. The baker instructed me to roll my cookie wrapper in my hand & make a wish. He then set the paper on a dish and lit it with a match. Magically, my Wishing paper lifted, flying skyward, twirled a few times, then turned to ash. The baker told me my wish had come true. (And it did!) Enjoy. ~Judy Walker, Founder of TOPS Malibu


Wish Paper from TOPS Malibu on Vimeo.


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